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A healthier vegan cuisine


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I'm not vegan, but I eat here ALL the time. Considering I grew up a meat-and-cheese-eating Wisconsinite, that's kind of a big deal. If you're not a vegetarian/vegan, try the grilled chicken sandwich, or pretty much any of the noodle dishes, the chicken nachos (they'll make them less spicy if you ask nice) or the tacos. The garlic fries are great, and I'm a big fan of the tofu salad and miso soup. The staff always do their best to make my order quick and accurate, and my man Jack always gets my food to my place with speed and a smile. These are good people, and I'm glad to patronize their establishment in my community. You should too.


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Great chicken- didn't even know wasn't real till half way thru eating! Kept wondering how they made it so flavorful, tender and juicy! Steamed veg- so-so. Just the cauliflower, carrot, borcolli medley -seemed from frozen. Come on Vegan, you can do better than that. Cupcakes were carrot cake, and awesome. Nice salad. I'll be back.


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I have been skeptical to order here not quite sure why, maybe because Vegan food can go wrong and I wasn't ready to try a new place. I tried it and WOW. I've ordered from there 2x in a week. My go to is the Tropical Pancake, Fried Chicken and fries. Not healthy but delish.


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Awesome!!!! I was pleasantly surprised. I was slightly outside delivdery area and they still delivered.


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These guys are great!!! The food is amazing and the delivery is always quick. LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!

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Tasty and fast! I love the seeyew noodles and hot wings. The chicken wrap was not great but everything else is fantastic and delivery is fast.


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Amazing food. SUCH a friendly staff.

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Serving up vegan flavors of all types, especially Thai. Join us for pancakes, lentil burgers, soups, sandwich wraps & more! You Are What you eat, eat well.